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Quincy Bats SamplesQuincy Bats provides high quality, handmade baseball bats shaped on a lathe from fine cuts of ash and birch, and personalized with your name and logo in color.

Perfect for your trophy case and the batter's box, Quincy Bats are available in several standard models - to meet your specifications for length, weight, shape and balance.

Please contact Chris Mullin at info@QuincyBats.com

Quincy Bat Models

QB271 - this bat has a medium, more tapered barrel, and a medium tapered handle. Features a flared knob and a well-balanced feel. The pro model 271 is very popular in professional leagues.
Quincy Bats Model 271

QB73 - this bat features a large flared knob and elongated handle, medium barrel with a large sweet spot. The large knob helps create an excellent balance and light feel, and makes the bat easier to control in the hands.
Quincy Bats Model 73

QB110 - this bat has a medium barrel with a large sweet spot, a thicker handle for better bat control, a slightly flared 2" knob, and good balance. The pro model 110 is one of the most popular in professional baseball.
Quincy Bats Model 110

QB141 - this bat has an elongated medium-size barrel with a slim handle and more traditional knob. It is slightly end-heavy in its balance and swung by all types of hitters.
Quincy Bats Model 141

Contact Chris Mullin at info@QuincyBats.com

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Please contact Chris Mullin at info@QuincyBats.com or submit the form below.

Prices range from $100-$125 with personalization added to the bat, depending on the artwork requested.

Please fill out this form and I will contact you soon to help you complete your order.

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